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Address: Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang China
Telephone Number: 0576-82255660
Fax Number: 0576-82460967
Business Managers: jie sun
Mobile: 13968423455
International Department Manager:Chen Lingzhi
Mobile: 15867095266
E-mail: 亚洲城
Msn: 亚洲城
Web Address: //
Sale Q Q: 920310016 (Full)
Sale Q Q: 9789887
Technique Q Q:8999887


Company account:
Taizhou Bao Jie Lock Company
LimitedLegal representative: Sun Jie
Zhejiang Taizhou Tailong Commercial Bank Business Street BranchAccount
number:6321 8012 0102 0002 237
ICBC China:6222305075385775  Sun Jie ( domestic dispense with handling fee )
Construction Bank:6227001483200083863 Sun jie
Agricul Tural Bank Of China:6228480362349132211 Sun Jie ( domestic dispense with handling fee )
ICBC China:6222021207003760378 Sun Jie ( foreign currency account )

Remarks: All guests,please pay attention to below news :this is our 亚洲城 's bank account . If somebody pretends to be 亚洲城 company's sales agent ,and request you to send money to another account ,please give us a call immediately and let us check for you . We are not responsible for the consequences!
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